eCR™ Features and Functionality

Medication-Assisted Treatment Module

By using an integrated approach to Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), you’ll ensure your patients are receiving the care they need and be able to address both physical and behavioral health challenges. Our MAT module offers a three-pronged holistic approach to provide visibility of the medical, clinical, and billing aspects for patients. Let’s explore our MAT module and its capabilities.  

Medical Management  

The medical management aspect of TenEleven’s eCR™ EHR ensures healthcare providers have visibility into patient compliance. eCR has checks in place to ensure the patient receives an amount of medication within industry standards, ensuring patient safety. Automatic and manual “holds” prevent the patient from accidently receiving medication without first discussing it with their medical professionals.

Methadone Dispensing

Within our eCR™ application the Methadone Dispensing Module is integrated with traditional Substance Abuse functionality to streamline operations while keeping necessary safeguards in place to protect your patients and your organization.

  • Secure check-in with on-screen photo confirmation
  • Notify patients of scheduled appointments and holds on their account
  • Write future orders and schedules or one-time medication orders
  • Employ safeguards for comparing medications and orders to previous occurrences
  • Dispense multiple types of medication for the same patient
  • Pre-pour medication for future dates in those states that allow this practice
  • Randomize toxicology testing configurable at the patient level
  • Print multiple size bottle labels based on your state requirements
  • Integration with Lighthouse allows for patient data to be sent to a central registry so they can receive emergency care regardless of their location. 

Inventory Management  

eCR™ offers automated inventory management based on medication provided to patients. Any inventory adjustments, exceptions when dispensing, and monthly reporting are all included. eCRTM accounts for your medication from every command sent to a Methadone pump to the lot number and expiration date of your medication to the bottle from which a patient received their medication.   
  • Real-time inventory tracking down to the bottle level  
  • Transfer to/from bottles  
  • Bulk add new inventory  
  • Audit of inventory edits  
  • Track medication dispensed to the account for quarantine and destruction 

Clinical Management

Our integrated module offers both Clinical and MAT solution that are quickly and easily accessed. eCR allows the end user to customize and deliver counseling, behavioral and psychiatric therapy services for their patients. We can schedule appointments, access patient charts that include quick access to progress notes, treatment plans, past medications, and allergies. These features and many more allow for an agency to provide patient centric care. 

Billing Management

How you bill for MAT services is critical as it can affect your profitability as a clinic or agency. Our new billing configuration has been designed to keep up with the ever-changing payer rules from Medicaid, Medicare, Managed Care Providers, Commercial and Institutional payers and those changes associated with COVID. Clearinghouse integrations allow for 837 and 835 files to automatically send and be received within eCR™ along with auto posting functionality. The features mean you get your money faster, decreasing your account receivables, all leading to increased revenue.


TenEleven’s integrated MAT module means all of your medication dispensing, clinical and billing needs are included in one EHR. Our industry-leading technology not only ensures you are in compliance with state and federal regulatory governance. It also provides a 360 view of your patients, allowing for better patient care, improved outcomes and a more efficient and profitable agency.

See the depth of eCR™ functionality in action today!