eCR™ Features and Functionality

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

If your agency is struggling with insurance billing and collections, TenEleven offers Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services to all customers using electronic Clinical Record (eCR™). TenEleven has the experience and expertise to manage your revenue cycle from end to end to maintain a healthy Accounts Receivable and get your claims accepted by insurance the first time they are submitted.

Experienced TenEleven billing staff will handle each of the 5 steps of the RCM process for you:

  1. Check Eligibility – regular 270/271 eligibility checking allows you to be aware if a patients eligibility is no longer active.
  2. Create Charges – ensure that charges are created correctly based on program billing needs and procedure record setup and manage charge creation pre-edits prior to claim submission.
  3. Send Claims – electronic claim submissions to payers, batch file and individual claim acceptance and rejection review and remediation. Claims submitted daily, weekly, monthly as determined by agency and TenEleven.
  4. Post Payments – configure auto-posting of payments, auto-post all remittances received, manage claim posting exceptions.
  5. Denial Management Support – limit write-offs by assisting in denial resolution and payment.

Ongoing Maintenance

Reports and Analysis: TenEleven will provide you with monthly Accounts Receivable reports and analysis to monitor the health of your overall revenue cycle.

Configurations: TenEleven will set up your billing configurations including payer specific set-ups, and maintain them for changes in payer requirements.

If your agency is experiencing an inflated Accounts Receivable, consistent claim rejections, or your spending an exorbitant amount of resources working claim denials, contact TenEleven about eCR™ with Revenue Cycle Management.

See the depth of eCR™ functionality in action today!