Levels of Care & Treatment Modalities

eCR™ adapts to fit your treatment delivery type

With over 20 years of experience in healthcare solutions, TenEleven has customized electronic Clinical Record (eCR™) for a wide variety of service types and levels of care for Health and Human Services agencies including, mental health, addiction treatment, and family services, all while meeting numerous states regulatory requirements.

We recognize that your EHR is not just another software for your agency.  It is the place where all areas of your clinical practice come together on a consistent basis.  Your EHR needs to integrate with so many areas of your agency, which is why TenEleven takes a business process approach to implementation.

Our commitment to our customers is to work with you to answer the question “How do you want to do business?”

Once that question is answered, we layer the rules and functionality of eCR™ on top of that process.  The results are a comprehensive clinical record solution that supports your agency’s process, not one that forces a new process on you.

Explore the many Levels of Care & Treatment Modalities already using eCR™ today.

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Your demonstration will be tailored to show how eCR™ will specifically address the needs of your programs and service types