eCR™ Features and Functionality

Alert Manager

The eCR™ Alert Manager is a convenience tool that helps you keep your documentation accurate, on-time, and in accordance with your regulatory requirements. The Alert Manager gives you tools to protect your agency from falling out of compliance by alerting your users to items they need to complete.

Complete with alerts that link directly to the action in question, Alert Manager is configured according to your agency’s business requirements at set up, where you determine what your triggering actions and preferences will be.

  • Form actions required based on due dates
  • Form actions required based on other form completion (if this, then that)
  • New caseload notifications
  • Client “check in” or “non-show” appointment notifications
  • Ability to create alert groups
  • Supervisor escalation alerting
  • And more.

Additionally, Alert Manager incorporates messaging and task assignment capabilities to facilitate efficient communication between users.

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