Levels of Care & Treatment Modalities

Outpatient Services

As an outpatient clinic providing mental health or substance abuse services, you understand the importance of managing visits, tracking progress, and staying in compliance with regulatory mandates. TenEleven knows how important it is that for each episode of care you have the appointment status and individual and group progress notes at your fingertips. 

Outpatient Functionality

Our easy to use chart structure will facilitate all stages of your clinical treatment.

  • Intake/Assessment
  • Treatment Plans
  • Progress Notes / Group Notes
  • Discharge

Throughout your clinical process you can easily view your clients’ missed visits, all progress notes, and all services provided to help guide your treatment plan.

Golden Thread

TenEleven believes in the Golden Thread concept, where basic client information is entered once and populates all forms, notes, and plans throughout the episode of care. You can use eCR’s extensive form library, or develop your own forms to create that golden thread that ties your clients’ information together from the moment they first walk in, until their last appointment. 


With eCR the creation of a progress note is what generates the creation of a billable charge. The progress note satisfies the rules of the procedure code and the goals of the treatment plan by dynamically auto populating them for you.

Reporting & Dashboards

eCR has the reports and dashboard views Outpatient clinics need to ensure your agency is always compliant and producing successful outcomes. 

  • Compliance to Business Rules Report helps keep track of regulatory requirements around assessments, treatment plans, and treatment plan reviews
  • Appointment to Progress Note Reconciliation Report ensures you are maximizing your revenue cycle by tying billable appointments to progress notes and reporting on any gaps
  • Outcomes Measurement Reports show the progress of your clients according to the assessments you use (i.e. CANS MH Assessments)

eCR maintains over 200 active reports, and continues to build new reports to meet the changing needs of our customers. 

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