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How to Decrease Insurance Denials and Get Paid Faster

Best Practices for Insurance Claim Submission

For behavioral health organizations, claim denials are more than just an administrative headache. They pose an ongoing problem that inhibits cash flow through your organization. Are you tired of dealing with insurance claim denials? Do you want to get paid faster? Let’s get started.


Insurance Billing Explained

A Comprehensive Guide to Billing for Your Organization

Many behavioral health practitioners enter the world of mental and behavioral health without a firm understanding of the many elements that go into building a successful therapy business. Billing, for instance, can be complicated – that is why we made sure this eBook is not. We give you simple definitions, actionable strategies, and expert advice on insurance billing in a format that is easy to follow.


Guidance for Medication Assisted Treatment Providers

During COVID-19

Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT) has been one of the key strategies used to fight the opioid epidemic, and with the arrival of COVID-19, MAT efforts had to be reorganized. 


Solve for the Payer

How to use outcomes tools to calculate data-driven ROI that payers can’t ignore.

Do your payers know what they’re spending their money on? In the behavioral health industry, it isn’t always easy to determine value, even as it migrates toward value-based payments. In Solve for the Payer eBook we highlight how to measure outcomes, express the data-driven stories that you choose to communicate and demonstrate your value to your payers.

Begin determining your value and showing your payers your true Return on Investment.


A Step-By-Step Guide

Telehealth is gaining traction as a result of COVID-19, and the convenience of this type of service means that it is likely to stick around permanently. 



Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Those in the health and human services field don’t need statistics to know that the current pandemic is having an adverse effect on mental health.  At the same time, the number of suspected drug overdoses has steadily increased in recent months.


A Three-Pronged Approach

With TenEleven’s Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Module, you will have the ability to utilize the three-prong approach with access to medical, clinical and billing information efficiently. Submit your information and receive our whitepaper entitled “Optimizing Your MAT Modality”, and learn more about our industry-leading integrated MAT module which can drive efficiencies within your business.


Creating Optimized Forms in Behavioral Health EHR’s 

The process by which data is collected can be optimized by the tools and procedures that are highlighted within The Principles of Data Collection eBook. How a field is crafted by the software administrator has a direct relationship upon the quality of data that is then pulled out.

Begin optimizing your reporting abilities by carefully determining how you are collecting your data.


The Yin and the Yang of Behavioral Health Analytics

As a behavioral health agency, you need to be able to demonstrate positive outcomes in order to succeed in a value-based-payment environment.  The key to being able to do that lies within your ability to visualize the data you capture in your EHR so that you can tell success stories to payers that are based on empirical data-driven evidence.


Do your progress notes ride around in cars? Do you have mobile clinicians conducting visits and writing progress notes later? These are just a few examples of where Progress Note Float can really slow you down.


How to Successfully Present Data to Your Board

All clinic leaders will have to present to their board of directors at some point, and it can be nerve-wracking. For professionals who are more used to one on one interactions, a formal presentation can feel out of their element. 

But it’s important. This eBook walks you through what you need to do to successfully present data to your board.


A good central intake process improves the efficiency of your agency and increases the number of people you serve.  However, this process can be tough to implement, especially if it’s a new concept for your agency.

This eBook will provide you with the information needed to implement a new central intake system or to revitalize an old system.


If your agency is operating with a central intake strategy, you are going to need a comprehensive patient placement program to ensure the right providers are serving the right patients.This Case Study demonstrates how Chrysalis Health, a behavioral health agency with over 700 service providers, ensures they manage caseloads while optimizing service delivery.


It seems like a simple question until you start to think about it. This white paper tells the story of a real CEO who thought he knew who his best clinician was, until an exercise in discovery data mining told him not only was he wrong, but it was time to take action with his clinicians. Read this story, and learn more about discovery data mining techniques.


All of the technology providers in behavioral health are shouting about the importance of reporting capabilities as the care system shifts toward pay-for-performance.  But do reports really make you better?


Do you think data and reporting is just for agency outcomes? Think again!

In the White Paper The 6-Sigma Clinician, you will discover how clinicians can use data to make informed treatment planning decisions to improve client outcomes.


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