eCR™ Features and Functionality


Many states are beginning to mandate the use of electronic prescriptions to fill medication orders, including controlled substances. In order to help you comply with government mandates and provide you with the ease and safety associated with E-Prescribing, TenEleven has incorporated this functionality directly into electronic Clinical Record (eCR™).

E-Prescribing in eCR™ is nationally certified for Meaningful Use Stage 2 – so you can be sure that it meets your agency’s state requirements.

The E-Prescribing module of eCR™ captures all the necessary client information:

  • Pharmacy information
  • Known allergies
  • Medication history
    • Including prescriptions from other providers. i.e. primary physician
    • Patient advisor documentation
    • Adherence scorecard

For E-Prescribing of controlled substances eCR™ employs hard and soft token options for two factor authentication, meeting the Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements around electronically prescribing controlled substances (EPCS).

Reporting abilities include daily prescriptions written with client and prescriber information, as well as medication history reports for individual clients.

See the depth of eCR™ functionality in action today!