eCR™ Features and Functionality


As more and more behavioral health agencies are offering Home and Community Based Services (HCBS), TenEleven has incorporated Docking & Undocking functionality within eCR™ to support the ability to update documentation without an internet connection.

Think of this feature like your local library. When you find a book you want to read, you borrow it for a set amount of time. After you’re finished reading it, you return it so that someone else can borrow it.

At the beginning of the day, you can look at your schedule and Undock (or borrow) the charts you need for your day’s appointments out in the community; at the end of the day, you Dock (or return) them back up for a seamless update of your client records.  You no longer need to worry that a school or prison server won’t allow you to connect and force you onto paper for the day.

The Docking & Undocking solution of eCR™ preserves the exact same look and feel of the charts and forms when accessed through an internet connection, preserving the system navigation when you are out of the office.

eCR™ users take advantage of Docking & Undocking to eliminate the need for an internet connection in various situations:

  • Serving rural areas
  • Updating records on metro transit
  • Working with clients in schools
  • Working with clients in prisons
  • Updating records in places with unsecure internet connections (coffee shops, etc.)
  • Working in places with slow internet speeds


The eCR™ Docking & Undocking solution is equipped with all the necessary features to ensure your charts remain HIPAA compliant and secure while undocked.

See the depth of eCR™ functionality in action today!