Levels of Care & Treatment Modalities

Domestic Violence

As a provider of domestic violence services, you understand protection of privacy and confidentiality is of primary importance to those you serve. In addition, the delivery of crisis services, shelter, advocacy, supportive counseling and groups, coordination of services, and linkage to community supports are essential.TenEleven knows how important it is that for each individual or family you have the individualized care plans, safety plans, and service delivery notes at your fingertips. 

Domestic Violence Functionality

Our comprehensive chart structure will facilitate all stages of your clinical treatment.

  • Ability to keep domestic violence service recipients charts confidential and hidden from non-domestic violence program staff
  • Domestic violence Intake/Assessments
  • Domestic violence Form Set for care plans and service delivery notes
  • Coordination of care and linkage to community supports
  • Smooth transitions

Throughout your service delivery, you can easily view services rendered to service recipients, all service delivery notes, and all services provided to help guide your care plan. 

Golden Thread

TenEleven believes in the Golden Thread concept, where basic service recipient information is entered once and populates all forms, notes, and plans throughout the episode of care. You can use eCR’s extensive form library, or develop your own forms to create that golden thread that ties your service recipients’ information together from the moment they first walk in until their last appointment. 


Typically, domestic violence programs are non-billable. However, with eCR the creation of a progress note is what generates the creation of a billable charge based on billing rules if applicable to your program.

Reporting & Dashboards

eCR™ has the reports and dashboard views of program operations needed to ensure your agency is always compliant and producing successful outcomes.  eCR™ reporting allows for effortless reporting out to stakeholders.   

  • Service Tracking Reports help keep track of contractual requirements around services rendered for internal tracking and reporting out to stakeholders
  • Form Status by Patient Report allows providers to take a Hotline Call Log, Walk In Log, or Shelter Intake form and trend data pertaining to staff and service recipients for internal use or reporting out to stakeholders
  • Outcomes Measurement Reports show the progress of your clients according to the assessments you use

eCR™ maintains over 200 active reports, and continues to build new reports to meet the changing needs of our customers.

See eCR™ Manage Your Agency's Service Types

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