eCR™ Features and Functionality

Reporting Services

TenEleven’s approach to reporting is very simple. Report with a purpose.

We want to help you capture and organize your data so that you can view past trends or answer important business questions. Reporting and Dashboards represent the “Information” stage of the Data-to-Wisdom Continuum that guides TenEleven’s approach to reporting. Read more about Data-to-Wisdom here.

eCR™ reporting capabilities are designed for you to monitor your outcomes and business processes:

  • Satisfy regulatory agencies
  • Keep up with required documentation
  • Track revenue cycle
  • Monitor clients treatment progress
  • Show outcomes measures
  • Custom reporting capabilities to answer unique business questions

In order to make these types of reports and dashboards work for you, eCR™ has over 200 reports available that all share the following characteristics:

  • Clean and easy to read
  • Color coding to highlight key results
  • One-click access to the reporting module
  • Optimized for printing and export to Microsoft Excel
  • No additional installations

See the depth of eCR™ functionality in action today!