eCR™ Features and Functionality


The eCR™ Scheduler has everything you need to keep your day to day appointments on track, while also providing key insight into appointments that help you improve your revenue cycle and keep your providers informed. The Scheduler is integrated into your clinical and billing business-flow process.  It both pulls important information into appointments and also pushes information to other pertinent modules like reports, charts, and billing. Simply put, the Scheduler is built on awareness.  It is aware of everything that is going on with your clients and your programs, including:
  • Patient “aware”
  • Credential “aware”
  • Provider “aware”
  • Insurance / Payer “aware”
  • Billable Unit “aware”
  • Location “aware”
  • Service “aware”
Additional capabilities include:
  • Appointment shows outstanding balance or co-pays owed
  • Individual and group notes can be accessed from the appointment
  • Customizable views to show calendars at the provider, program, location level, or customize your own
  • Identifies any client risk factors in the appointment
The Scheduler feeds the reporting and outcomes module with discrete data, allowing you to generate reports and make timely business decisions.

See the depth of eCR™ functionality in action today!