eCR™ Features and Functionality

Integrated Credit Card Processing

TenEleven offers integrated credit card processing, which allows you to process payments electronically and immediately right from eCR™, giving you peace of mind that your cash flow is consistent. An integrated system like ours provides open communication between the critical systems used in your clinic, leading to a unique system based on real-time communication, encrypted data, critical business systems, and payment processes. 

Our main goal is to support you with new functionalities that save time so you can focus on patient care – and enhancing your agency’s operations with a streamlined payment method is one of them.  

With all transactions processed directly through eCR™, you can:

Simplify Data Entry and Save Time on Billing and Collections Efforts 

  • Reduce errors with data collected and stored directly to the patient record 
  • Provide patients the ability to pay for services at the time of appointment 
  • Send automated transaction receipts when patient’s credit card is processed 
  • Automate and pair additional services such as telehealth with credit card processing  

Eliminate manual information entry into your accounting software, and gain the ability to see all the information you need in one place so you can cross-reference with fewer clicks. 

Improve Security and Protect Patient Data with Our PCI Compliant System  

  • Securely save credit cards for future use, reducing errors with patient and billing information 
  • Industry leading security standards  
  • Ongoing PCI compliance reviews held regularly 

With one integrated system your security can be tighter leading to reduced opportunities of attacks and breaches. eCR™ uses tactics that maintain PCI compliance frequently through end-to-end encryption. This helps protect you and your patients.

Get Paid Faster 

  • Directly request payment and charge for services within eCR™  
  • Accept HSA & FSA payments 

Improved Understanding of Payment Processing Costs  

  • No additional monthly, set up, gateway or refund fees 
  • Confidently make financial decisions for your clinic based on current data  
  • Understand your payment processing costs with an integrated system that tells you the type of transaction, and allows you to segment information
  • Having current data will help you improve your forecasting accuracy, marketing abilities, and security.  

Take advantage of the numerous benefits TenEleven’s integrated credit card processing solution can provide your practice today.  



See the depth of eCR™ functionality in action today!