eCR™ Features and Functionality


The Behavioral Health industry never stands still, which means agencies always need to be ready to adapt to the various changes and data requests from Regulatory Agencies, Insurance Payers, Accreditation Associations, and internal stakeholders.

That’s a lot to keep up with – especially when you have to rely on the next software update to get the changes that maintain your compliance. TenEleven’s custom form creator for electronic Clinical Record (eCR™), FormLab™, gives you the power to make the changes you need, when you need them.

The 3 Operational Areas

The ability to create and edit your own forms with FormLab™ addresses three vital operational areas that pose current challenges to behavioral health agencies:

  1. Speed of Implementation

FormLab™ empowers your agency to create the necessary forms to get your programs up and running just as fast as you can create them.

  1. Reaction to Regulatory Changes

You no longer need full software changes to keep up with a state agency and their evolving form set – with FormLab™ as part of your EHR solution, new forms or new fields will be reduced to a simple quick update.

  1. Capture Data for Value Based Payments

With Value Based Payments at the forefront of everyone’s mind, your agency needs the flexibility to quickly capture new data as you incorporate data-driven best practices to demonstrate your value.

Create & Edit Forms

With this easy-to-use form designer tool, you can generate, organize, and create rules around your custom-built forms.

To truly customize your forms, you have an array of field options you can choose from:

  • Text boxes of various sizes
  • Yes/No radio buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • Drop-down options
  • Choose multiple options
  • Choose one option
  • Data grids
  • Signatures
  • And more!

Design & Preview

The FormLab™ allows you to organize forms in a multitude of ways to create logical flows for the end users. Additionally, you can easily preview your form at any time during the design process – and as many times as you want until you’re happy with the final product.

Publish & Deploy

After you finish your form, you can easily publish it to be used in your software. Once published, certain parts of the form can only be edited by creating a new version of the form in order to maintain data integrity. Other elements remain available for quick-edit.

With your forms now create and published, they are available immediately for you to insert into your program charts for use.

Make the changes you need, when you need them

FormLab™ for eCR™ puts you in control with the tools to ensure that your forms are always in compliance. You’ll be implementing new programs faster than ever before, and you’ll surpass others trying to keep up with the ever-changing Behavioral Health landscape.

Get FormLab™ Details!

Get FormLab™ Details!

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