eCR™ Features and Functionality

Clinician Mapping

When a behavioral health agency reaches a certain size, matching patients with the right service providers becomes an even greater challenge.  Not only do you need to be sure that the therapist assigned meets all of the client’s service needs, but you also can’t forget behavioral health caseload management to prevent overworking your therapists.

The need for an effective Clinician Mapping system is even more accentuated in Central Intake models where those receiving the client are physically removed from the location of the service provider and may not have full awareness of clinician schedules.

TenEleven’s Clinician Mapping system will help you filter your providers by various criteria to determine who should take your new clients.

  • Geography – Does the provider serve clients within a reasonable locale?
  • Locations – Does the client need services in an office, at home, at school?
  • Languages – Does the provider need to speak a language other than English?
  • Credentials – Does the client require a specified credentialed provider?
  • Appointment Type – Is the client in need of an assessment vs an appointment etc.?
  • Caseload Management – Do matching providers actually have the available caseload to take new clients?

Utilizing this system results in a multitude of benefits for your clients and your agency:

  • No more overworked therapists
  • More therapists were hired
  • More patients received services
  • An increase in revenue

TenEleven’s Clinician Mapping system can help you improve your efficiency and business process and ultimately serve your community better.

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