Analyze to Understand | Why You Need Behavioral Health Analytics

At its core, analyzing is the act of thinking deeply. Of taking in various pieces of information from multiple sources and producing results. Or analytics. I’ll take a… We do this every day, both at our agencies and at coffee shops – behavioral health analytics and caffeine analytics. Think about the last time you walked […]

Meaningful Use in Behavioral Health | Taming the Wild Wild West

There’s a certain allure to western movies. Of watching the main hero overcome the Wild West and all it entails, gun fights, train robberies, stampedes, fellow cowboys without the good-side the hero inevitably has. The central conflict and the main character will change with each movie, but one aspect of the movie is always consistent. […]

Ohio Medicaid Behavioral Health Redesign | Everything You Need to Know

The final stage of the Ohio Medicaid Behavioral Health Redesign started on January 1, 2018. I have customers in Ohio, so I always make a point to keep up with changes to their behavioral health market. There’s a lot of information about the redesign and it can be overwhelming-especially when it can potentially change your […]

New Year, Same Quality Behavioral Health Insights

What are your new years resolutions? Ours is to continue to produce quality blog posts like we did in 2017. Take a look at some of our best below: Ensure your First Time Claim Acceptance Rate is above 95% You can’t help your clients if you don’t get paid. And you won’t get paid if […]