Behavioral Health Outcomes in Client and Data Driven Cultures Faceoff

I do remember social work school-it wasn’t that long ago. There was a lot of talk about feelings; about engagement and nonjudgmental interactions; about clients. However, there was not a lot of talk about data. As agencies and therapists have changed, many have asked why data is important when there are clients to worry about. These two […]

NYSCRI | The Hopping Clinical Record Initiative & Why You Should Care

Prior to NYSCRI, the New York State Clinical Record Initiative, New York clinics filled out open-ended paper forms. With these forms, it was difficult to accurately track information and recordings were inconsistent due to the open-ended questions. It was a challenge for clinics to assess trends among their patients and to stay on top of the […]

Caffeine & Central Intake Calls: A Day in the Life of Sal the Floor General

Meet Sal Sal arrived at the clinic for work Wednesday morning clutching his morning coffee. He greeted the already busy clinicians as they were rushing past him to prepare for their days. He made his way to the front desk and relieved the worker who had been manning the phone throughout the night. Sal’s clinic […]

Without proper staffing, open access crumbles like a game of Tetris

I love Tetris. There’s something incredibly satisfying about figuring out exactly where each little block fits best into the big picture. Yet, it can also be stressful (or maybe I’m just taking it too seriously). Misplacing one block can throw you off enough that another block is misplaced, and then another block until it’s game […]

Florida Behavioral Health Program Daniel Kids Selects TenEleven EHR

(Buffalo, NY) Inspired by the philanthropic efforts of Col. James Jaquelin Daniel, The Daniel Kids Foundation (Daniel) has been working to ‘improve the odds for kids’ since 1884. Today, they are the oldest child-serving agency in Florida and help nearly 2,000 children and their families each day. Daniel has selected the TenEleven Group to implement electronic Clinical Record […]