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Bridging Access to Care standardizes business process for HIV program and improves grant performance

Bridging Access to Care (BAC)is a multi-service community-based organization dedicated to providing comprehensive clinical treatment, evidence-based prevention education and harm reduction, care coordination, and mental health services in a trauma informed/sensitive environment.

BAC was formerly the Brooklyn AIDS Task Force, and is Brooklyn’s oldest agency for HIV/AIDS services in addition to mental health and substance abuse related services.  

BAC was using an entirely paper-based system and needed an electronic record system that would get all four of their locations operating together. When BAC’s came to TenEleven they had over 100 providers were capturing the same information in slightly different ways, making their reporting impossible.  Unless each provider is capturing the same discrete data point in exactly the same way they won’t match up when it comes time for reporting.

Standardizing the process

Nadine Ranger-Akinyemi, the Director of Social Support Services at BAC needed an EHR software that would integrate with their process, but also help implement changes that would standardize the way each provider managed their client charts.  TenEleven was able to map our BAC’s business processes, and implement eCR™ on top of BAC’s business process so that they only changes to the clinicians process were the desired ones.

Ranger-Akinyemi sited this approach as a critical decision point for choosing TenEleven. “When choosing an EHR, we had to find a provider that would adapt to our workflow process.  TenEleven met that criteria.  They understood the business and spoke the language.  We vetted 15 different vendors and only TenEleven was flexible enough to fit our business process.”

Grant Performance Improves with eCR

With eCR™ in place, BAC was able to consolidate their chart structures and is creating consistent data to run reports. As a result, the agency was able to demonstrate their success numerically to program funders and saw an increase in the value of grant awards they received for their HIV/AIDS programs.

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Features & Functionality

eCR™ provides substantial levels of funtionality to its users.  From scheduling, alerts, billing, prescribing, lab orders, and more.  eCR™ has the sophisticated tools to apply the right business rules to any service delivery type.

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Service Delivery Types

TenEleven has customized eCR™ for a number of service types and levels of care for health and human services including mental health, addiction treatment, and family services.  Whether its inpatient, outpatient, or Trauma Informed Care, eCR™ is built to fit.

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