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Business process implementation improves revenue cycle for Gateway Longview

TenEleven firmly believes in an implementation approach that considers the existing and optimal business process of a behavioral healthcare agency prior to implementing electronic Clinical Record (eCR™).

Business drives, and technology enables – not the other way around. That means we study the processes that make an agency function before configuring the software to ensure the technology reinforces the agency’s goals, instead of changing them.

No one knows this better than Gateway Longview, and the 3,600 children and families they serve every year across Western New York through their behavioral health and community-based services, residential treatment and special education programs.

Gateway Longview started their outpatient Behavioral Health program in 2012 and went for a full year before implementing an electronic record system when they secured a HEAL 17 grant from HEALTHeLink.  By the time they began implementing eCR™ one year later, there was already a considerable billing backlog that they didn’t have the time, manpower, or systems to track down and resolve.

Business Process Implementation

TenEleven was able to use business process principles during implementation to help ensure that new processes would prevent further accounts receivable build up, while also recovering payments from the backlog.  “TenEleven helped us understand better what our process was, and then identify the gaps in our process that needed to be fixed,” said D’Angelo.

Impacting the Revenue Cycle

After the business process was identified, adjusted, and the software incorporated, Gateway Longview was able to tackle that backlog and stay current with new claims.  According to Kristy D’Angelo, Vice President of Behavioral Health Services, “Our biggest area of improvement from eCR™ was around our revenue cycle. Now we have reports that we can run to track the payments that have come in, the payments that have not come in, collect co-pays, collect co-insurances; now we can monitor all that.  Before eCR™ we had a lot of outstanding responsible party payments because we weren’t able to track them effectively.”

Tangible Results

By analyzing their business process and making the necessary adjustments before layering eCR™ on top of their operations, Gateway Longview has seen a measurable improvement in their ability to collect timely payments. D’Angelo cites specifically, “After clearing up our backlog, our Accounts Receivable greater than 120 days has gone down $200,000 in the past year alone.” The daily use of eCR™ over time has produced a visible improvement on Gateway Longview’s bottom line in a way that allows them to focus more effort on quality programming, knowing that their billing and payment issues are under control. 

What’s Next for Gateway Longview

Based on the results achieved by the outpatient program, Gateway Longview is in the process of expanding eCR™ to include its residential treatment program, where the primary treatment model is Solution Focused Trauma Informed Care.  Read more about implementing trauma informed care here.

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