URGENT: NYS OMH Customers – PCS Survey Defect/Issue

Subject:  OMH PCS Survey issue


NYS OMH Customers,

We have found a couple of defects that are causing a potential error on the PCS form as well as an issue with the submission of your PCS file.

In cases where the PCS form was pre-filling question  “22:  Education Level” from certain comprehensive assessments, a mapping issue from the Assessment choice to the PCS form choice may have occurred.  If you were using a Comprehensive Assessment where the “Highest Grade Completed” was being captured, there is potential that this selection does not exactly match the PCS “Education Level” choices causing the PCS Education Level to prefill with “Unknown”.  An example of this would be where the Assessment may have  indicated “7th “ as the highest grade completed but the PCS form is looking for “7th Grade”.  In this case, the PCS form would prefill to “Unknown”.

To see if you have an inordinate number of “Unknown” selections on the forms completed at your agency, run the OMH PCS 2022 Export report and review the Education Level column.  If you find that this is an issue a new version of the PCS form should be opened, updated to the proper Education level selection and “Queued”.  These forms will replace any previous queued PCS for the patient in question.

An issue was also found where the generation of the PCS file out of Submission Center was formatted incorrectly.  When submitting the file to OMH, the file would reject for invalid entries (due to a formatting issue with the file layout). 

A hotfix is being given to you on 4/9/222.  This hotfix only addresses the issues with the PCS form and file creation.  If you have not created the OMH PCS file as of yet, and your PCS forms are still in the Submission Center window, you will be able to generate your file on 4/10/22 and should have no issues submitting the file to OMH.  If you have already generated a OMH PCS file, you will need to re-queue your PCS forms.  You do not need to do a new version of the form (unless the Education Level mentioned above is an issue), you will just need to open the completed form and hit the “Queue” button again to send the form over to the Submission Center.


We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

Update 10/12/2021

As you are probably aware, the PCS has been delayed.  Here is the latest from OMH: 

Patient Characteristics Survey Delayed!


The PCS is being delayed until the week of March 21st to March 27th, 2022, to help providers better manage current burdens related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Any preparations conducted to date will apply to the new March dates. We do not anticipate any changes to the planned survey as shared already but will be providing additional guidance as we approach the new survey dates.  Please contact Surveillance and Surveys Unit with any questions or concerns. 

This will also cause us to do some work on side because the reporting dates will now be the week of March 21 – 27, 2022.  More information to come on this.

We wanted to let you know that the 2021 PCS submission form is available in our currently available 2.37 Release.

You are required to fill out the 2021 PCS submission form (OMH_PCS_21) at the end of October.

Once these forms are complete, you will then be able to generate a file through the Day to Day > Submission Center.

Please create a Helpdesk ticket if you would like your BETA/LIVE instance upgraded to the 2.37 Release.