2.39 Attendance Billing Issue

For customers using the My Biiling > Attendance Billing functionality, we are aware of an issue where claims created are no longer auto-checking the Discharge Time on the claim.

This will prevent the DTP*096 segment from appearing on the 837 and if your payers are expecting this, will cause the claim to be rejected by the Clearinghouse.

If you are unsure that this is a segment your payers require, you can reference a claim from the past to see if this field was in fact checked (bring up an older claim in charge entry and look at the UB-04 tab to verify).

If this is a field that is required, you will need to manually check the Discharge Time on these claims prior to processing claims out of the Insurance Billing screen.  The manual checking of Discharge Time will need to be done on all applicable claims until further notice to avoid rejections from the clearinghouse.

We are working to correct this issue.