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Treatment Wizard™ for Trauma Informed Care

The software solution that standardizes Trauma Informed Care across an entire agency is finally here. Whether you already have, or are planning to implement Trauma Informed Care across your agency, consistency, standardization, and creating access to the client’s trauma profile are your biggest obstacles. 

From single location agencies to those with multiple programs in multiple locations, the Treatment Wizard™ for Trauma Informed Care will ensure your trauma assessments are all done the same way and that every member of your staff has the same trauma profile of the client.

Since it’s the first of its kind, you are likely asking yourself a few questions, so we went ahead and answered some of them for you.

What is the Treatment Wizard™?

The Treatment Wizard™ for Trauma Informed Care is a component of TenEleven’s electronic Clinical Record (eCR™), and is the first module that was designed specifically to help all users of your electronic record system operate with a consistently applied trauma informed focus across your entire agency.

How does the Treatment Wizard™ work?

The Treatment Wizard™ integrates with any program or service level, and focuses on three specific areas:

  1. Decision Tree Assessments
  2. Service Referrals & Linkage
  3. Accessible Trauma Profile

Download the detail sheet to learn more about these three components.

Who should have the Treatment Wizard™ for Trauma Informed Care?

You should have the Treatment Wizard™ if your agency meets any of the following:

  • Your agency IS independently certified for Trauma Informed Care
  • Your agency IS SEEKING an independent certification for Trauma Informed Care
  • Your agency operates with a Trauma Informed Care focus

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