Levels of Care & Treatment Modalities

Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (PROS)

Agencies with a New York State PROS program face unique challenges, especially when it comes to billing.  TenEleven’s PROS functionality captures all of the elements on a day-to-day basis that will allow eCR™ to do the complicated billing calculations for you.

PROS Functionality

  • Billing compliance and automated charge entry driven from clinical documentation

    • Captures the number of hours in program in relationship to the number of services received in a day

    • Ensures compliance for billing combinations for base rate services and component add-ons (number and types of services for add-on charge eligibility)

    • Automated Medicare charges for clients enrolled as Medicare/Medicaid eligible for CT services

    • System generated pre-admission charge and tracking of units if client is converted to admitted status prior to month end

  • Coding progress for specific PROS base rate levels at end of month (levels 1 through 5)

  • Captures daily time-in-program

    • Clocking an individual in and out of a program multiple times

    • Counts only the hours the individual was actually in the program

  • Captures number of services attended by type

    • CRS (Community Rehabilitiation and Support)

    • ORS (Ongoing Rehabilitation and Support)

    • CT (Clinic Treatment)

  • PROS specifc forms (in addtion to the NYSCRI form set)

    • PROS Attestation

    • PROS Initial Services Recommendation

    • PROS Admission Decision Note

  • Case Record includes all necessary documentation to support PROS eligibility and medical necessity

Read a testimonial from a PROS agency about their experience managing PROS with TenEleven and eCR™ here.

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