Levels of Care & Treatment Modalities

HIV/AIDS Services

Many behavioral health agencies that provide mental health and substance abuse services are also incorporating HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and treatment into their approach to service delivery. electronic Clinical Record (eCR™) has the tools to help your agency manage all the different aspects of a comprehensive HIV/AIDS program.

HIV/AIDS Functionality

eCR™ is prepared to help you manage the seamless incorporation of your HIV/AIDS program into your agency’s record keeping with the following tools and forms:

    • Risk Assessment
    • Communicable Disease Risk Assessment
    • HIV Education Evaluation
    • HIV Testing Results
    • HIV Test Survey
    • Service Plans
    • Counseling Referral Services
    • Primary Care Status Measures Forms
    • Linkage, Retention, and Adherence Services
    • Network Associates Form
    • Services Tracking Log
    • Social Network Tracking

See eCR™ Manage Your Agency's Service Types

Your demonstration will be tailored to show how eCR™ will specifically address the needs of your programs and service types