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TenEleven to implement EHR for Metropolitan Center for Mental Health


(Buffalo, NY) Metropolitan Center for Mental Health (MCMH) is underway implementing TenEleven Group’s electronic Clinical Record (eCR™).  MCMH is converting all 3 service locations in Manhattan from completely paper charts into 170 users of eCR™ for scheduling, billing, and clinical documentation.

TenEleven began MCMH’s implementation, as they do all customers, with a consultative discussion about what the agency’s desired business process is.  According to Dr. Robert Basile, Director of Clinical Services at MCMH, “We were given the opportunity at the beginning of the implementation to make a process change that was important to us.  We are instituting a pre-intake phone screening that will enable us to refine our risk assessment and make more informed decisions about program placement and staff provider selection.”

This is exactly the type of change that TenEleven specializes in facilitating prior to implementing eCR™ for new customers.  MCMH will now have a software system that supports their desired process, not one that forces them into a different one.  “It’s always our goal during the implementation to ensure that the software supports the process, if the agency has to change their process to match the software it will hold them back from achieving their goals,” said Jason Poch, the TenEleven Project Manager working with MCMH.

While MCMH is in the heart of their implementation the level of vendor responsiveness remains important.  Dr. Basile continued, “We are making major changes to the way we do business, and the high level of responsiveness and support we receive from the TenEleven team shows us this is a true partnership.”

About Metropolitan Center for Mental Health

Metropolitan Center for Mental Health (MCMH) was founded in 1962 in order to provide low cost psychological treatment for people with emotional problems. MCMH is a not-for-profit, community-based outpatient clinic, dually accredited by the NY State Office of Mental Health (OMH) and the NY State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS), which provides psychotherapy and psychotropic medication management to families and individuals of an ethnically and socioeconomically diverse background. Learn more at www.metropolitancenter.com

About TenEleven Group

The TenEleven Group is a software and services company based in Buffalo, NY that provides software solutions for health and human services agencies. Thousands of users in hundreds of offices use electronic Clinical Record (eCR™) to manage a variety of behavioral health service types. Learn more about TenEleven including the Treatment Wizard® for Trauma Informed Care at www.10e11.com


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