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ONC Real World Testing

View TenEleven’s plans, test scripts, and results for ONC real world testing. 

Also learn more about  ONC real world testing and it’s purpose.

Meaningful Use Stage 3

TenEleven’s EHR electronic Clinical Record (eCR™) is fully certified for Meaningful Use Stage 3.  eCR™ is ONC certified for both Inpatient & Outpatient, as well as ONC certified as a “complete EHR” for the 2015 Edition.

The information for 2015 certifications is below. 

2015 ONC Certified - Complete EHR

This health IT Module is 2015 Edition Compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.  This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Developer Name: TenEleven Group
Product Name: electronic Clinical Record (eCR™)
Product Version: 2.23
Address: 6489 Transit Road, East Amherst, NY 14051
Email: eCR@10e11.com
Phone: (716) 810-9755
Contact Name: Mark Hackford
Certification Number:
Certified Date: 12/31/2018
Certified Criteria:  170.315 [a][1-15]; [b][1-9]; [c][1-4]; [d][1-9]; [e][1-3]; [f][1-3,5]; [g][2-9]
Clinical Quality Measures: 62v5; 128v5; 137v5; 138v5; 161v5; 169v5; 30v6; 53v5; 60v5; 71v6; 72v5; 91v6; 102v5; 104v5; 105v5; 107v5; 108v5; 109v5; 110v5; 114v5; 188v6; 190v5
Additional Software: Rcopia (Dr.First), Max MD Direct mdEmal, Dynamic HealthIT

2015 Attestation Disclosure

electronic Clinical Record (eCR™) requires one-time costs for set-up, monthly maintenance costs, both of which are determined by the number of users in the agreed upon contract and any subsequent amendments.  There are additional one-time set-up costs and annual maintenance costs for the following-functionality: CPOE – Medication, CPOE – Laboratory, CPOE Imaging, Drug-Drug Allergy Interaction Checks, Drug Formulary Checks,  Medication List, Medication Allergy List, Clinical Decision Support, Patient Specific Education Resources, Implantable Device List, Transitions of Care, Clinical Information Reconciliation and Incorporation, E-Prescribing, Common Clinical Data Set, Care Plan, Data Export, Clinical Quality Measures,, Amendment Tracking, Clinical Quality Measures (Pre-Chosen) , Accounting of Disclosures, View Download and Transmit to 3rd Party, Secure Messaging, , Patient Health Information Capture, Transmit to Immunization Registries, Transmit to Public Health Agencies – Syndromic Surveillance, Transmit to Public Health Agencies – Reportable Laboratory Tests, Transmit to Public Health Agencies – Case Reporting, Immunizations, Transmission of reportable labs, Data Portability, Automated Numerator/Measure Calculation, Consolidated CDA Creation, Application Access – Patient Selection, Application Access – Data Category Request, Application Access – All Data Request .  §170.315(a)(1), §170.315(a)(2), §170.315(a)(3), §170.315(a)(4), §170.315(a)(7), §170.315(a)(8), §170.315(a)(9), §170.315(a)(10), §170.315(a)(14), §170.315(a)(15), §170.315(a)(16), §170.315(b)(1), §170.315(b)(2), §170.315(b)(3), §170.315(b)(4), §170.315(b)(5), §170.315(b)(6), §170.315(b)(7), §170.315(b)(8), §170.315(b)(9),  §170.315(c)(1), §170.315(c)(2), §170.315(c)(3), §170.315(c)(4), §170.315(d)(2), §170.315(d)(3), §170.315(d)(4), §170.315(d)(5), §170.315(d)(6), §170.315(d)(7), §170.315(d)(8), §170.315(d)(9), §170.315(d)(11),§170.315(e)(1),§170.315(e)(2),§170.315(e)(3), §170.315(f)(1), §170.315(f)(2), §170.315(f)(3), §170.315(f)(5), §170.315(g)(2), §170.315(g)(3), §170.315(g)(4), §170.315(g)(5), §170.315(g)(6), §170.315(g)(7), §170.315(g)(8), §170.315(g)(9),

 For TenEleven hosted solutions, the customer contractually agrees that costs include a defined amount of total data storage before incurring additional charges. Depending on the customer’s needs and requirements, there may be limitations concerning E-lab interfaces, HL7, Application Access and Transitions of Care that may require additional development. Depending on the scope of that development there may be additional one-time set-up costs. Beyond that, there are no known limitations. §170.315(a)(1), §170.315(a)(2), §170.315(b)(1), §170.315(b)(2), §170.315(b)(3), §170.315(b)(4), §170.315(b)(5), §170.315(b)(6), §170.315(b)(7), §170.315(b)(8), §170.315(b)(9).

 *The CMS EHR Certification ID (15 Characters) may be obtained via the CHPL website for EHR products (or product combinations) that meet 100% of the CMS required criteria for Meaningful Use.  Please refer to the CMS website: https://www.cms.gov/EHRIncentivePrograms/32_Attestation.asp#6.

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