Levels of Care & Treatment Modalities

Integrated Care

While treating mental and substance abuse disorders and chronic illnesses aggravated by poor health habits require different medications, programs, and doctors, they should not be viewed as separate entities. A client’s physical health will affect how they respond to treatment for mental and substance abuse disorders, and the behavioral health industry is trending towards integrated care models.

To provide this complete treatment to your clients, you need to practice integrated care. But in order to do that, you need an EHR that’s compatible with an integrated care model. TenEleven’s electronic Clinical Record (eCR™) is that EHR.

Organizations adopting an integrated care model are seeking to have both their behavioral health and general medical services under a single umbrella. eCR™ has many forms and dashboards that can be easily utilized to manage whole person care across your various levels of care.

Configuring the Software to Fit Your Agency

The Patient Details feature provides you with the capability to share and combine information for both behavioral health and primary care – medical information, shared diagnoses, etc. Using our rules-based environment, chart access can be structured by program, location, and access control down to individual charts and forms.

eCR’s ePrescribing portal supports electronic prescription of controlled substances for Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) and allows you to create and manage Medication Administration Records (MARS) and distribute medications more effectively. For programs that need to dispense medications in shifts,  SpeedMed™ allows you to quickly distribute all medications for the shift from one screen.

eCR™ is tailored to fit your agency and how you do business, which makes it the ideal EHR to be your partner in integrated care.

Available Forms

This is not an exhaustive form list, but a sampling of those that can be used for primary care purposes. eCR™ is equipped for medical billing, and any form you need can be added to the software. Additionally, you have the ability to maintain complete control over your forms by creating your own using our custom form creator, FormLab™.

  • Medical Screening/Assessment forms
  • Medical Testing forms – PPD, TB, HIV
  • Doctor/Psychiatric/Nursing Progress Notes
  • Evaluation and Management Progress Notes
  • Electronic Lab Orders and results
  • And more!

See eCR™ Manage Your Agency's Service Types

Your demonstration will be tailored to show how eCR™ will specifically address the needs of your programs and service types