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Patient Outcomes Dashboards

The Patient Outcomes Dashboard set captures the data that pertains to the effectiveness of the treatment being provided to patients receiving services. This is your current picture of how successful your agency is in making positive changes to the clients you serve. Read more.

Why you need this data: With client outcomes at your fingertips you can monitor the positive impact you are having on your service recipients.  Patient Outcomes are going to be the key drivers in a value based payment system and your payers are going to want to see this data as part of the new payment model.  Being able to monitor it in a dashboard set will ensure you’re always working to improve your outcomes and catching any declines early for intervention.

What you can do with this data: When you are capturing clinical outcomes data you can watch for trends in your discharges.  You will be able to discover if you have a particular clinician excelling at treating a specific diagnosis and then harness that success and spread it across your providers.  You can identify individuals that are struggling in certain areas and target them for new or innovative interventions.  This is the key data set that will enable you to take corrective actions to do more of what’s working, and less of what isn’t.

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Do you think data and reporting is just for agency outcomes? Think again!

In the White Paper The 6-Sigma Clinician, you will discover how clinicians can use data to make informed treatment planning decisions to improve client outcomes.

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