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Finanacial Dashboards

The Financial Dashboard set gives you full insight into your charges and payments. Monitor the financial health of your agency with a full picture of how many charges you are creating and how many payments you are receiving.  Keep an updated picture of your Accounts Receivable so you can watch for any breakdowns in your revenue cycle.

Why you need this data: You need financial dashboards to know if you are getting paid, but also to know if you have outstanding appointments that you should be getting paid for.  You need to know if you have unbilled visits that represent money left on the table, and see how effective you are at getting claims paid on first submission.

What you can do with this data:  By analyzing your financial information you can get a real understanding of your cash flow cycle to forecast possible fluctuations.  Discover if you have seasonality, or generate more money at different points of the year, month, or week.  Make sure your revenue cycle is functioning properly and work to collect any unpaid bills, and get more money in your accounts, not stuck in limbo.

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