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Clinical Operations Dashboards

The Clinical Operations Dashboard set gives you valuable insight into the strength of your agency’s performance. From no-shows to incomplete progress notes to average length of stay in a program.  In the Clinical Operations dashboards you can monitor the strength of all the important activity taking place at your agency every day.

Why you need this data: Clinical Operations dashboards were designed specifically to promote quality and compliance.  They give you all the insight you’re looking for to make important business decisions and monitor the results of those decisions.  Monitoring these measures will let you catch problems before they grow too large. 

What you can do with this data: With your clinical operations data in report and dashboard form, you can transform quality assurance from a periodic project into a daily activity.  Staying in compliance as you go one day, one chart, one location, and one provider at a time gives you the peace of mind that you are always prepared for an audit.  Using this information to enforce compliance business rules on your clinical operations actually reduces the administrative burden on clinicians because it takes less time to do it as you go than it does to set aside large blocks of time to play periodic catch-up.

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