Performance / Outcomes Dashboards

Specialty Dashboards may be developed for specific initiatives or customized for your agency. Develop your own dashboards using Microsoft Power BI for business intelligence visuals that you design with your eCR™  TenEleven will teach your agency how to create new visuals and manipulate them for your own custom dashboard views.

Why you need this data: There are always special initiatives or requests that will fall outside the data you view regularly that warrant their own reports and dashboards.  Any time you are engaged in a special project or initiative with a unique set of statistics to report or work toward or against, it is best to invest in customizing reports that will deliver exactly what you need to be looking at. 

What you can do with this data: With your customized special projects dashboards and reports, not only can you keep track of your progress, you can show stakeholders that you are serious about meeting their objectives.  Demonstrate that you are always monitoring and working toward the metrics they have asked you to.  Don’t settle for assuming that pulling unique data points from other reports and trying to develop them will get you there.  Invest in pulling the source data into the right place from the beginning to ensure accuracy and dependability.  You are already investing in the project, now invest in the data monitoring to make that project a success.

Specialty Dashboards

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