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Administrative Dashboard

The Administrative Dashboard set tells the overall story of your agency.  It shows you how many clients are enrolled in your programs.  Where those clients come from.  The number of visits at one or multiple locations.

Why you need this data: Tracking administrative data is important so you can always have full view of the size and scope of your business.  Here are some questions you should have the answers to at your finger tips:

  1. How many clients are you serving?
  2. How many providers do you have delivering services?
  3. What age range makes up your largest client population?
  4. How many visits take place at your agency on a daily, weekly, monthly basis?

As an administrator you want to demonstrate your expertise on the basics of your business at all times to board members, funders, insurance companies, and any other stakeholder that is invested in your agency’s success.

What you can do with this data: Promote your agency! Sometimes it’s the most basic stats that tell the story of your agency.  You can be the agency with a mission and vision, or the agency that is fulfilling the commitments of your mission and vision as evidenced by growing numbers that demonstrate a healthy and vibrant agency that makes a difference for the clients and communities you serve.

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All of the technology providers in behavioral health are shouting about the importance of reporting capabilities as the care system shifts toward pay-for-performance.  But do reports really make you better?

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