Solve for the Payer

For behavioral health agencies, it can be difficult to determine value in the absence of a true industry-wide definition. However, presenting your agencies worth is becoming exponentially more important as the industry evolves toward value-based payments.

How you demonstrate your value needs to be data driven in order to showcase true value for payers and stakeholders. Therefore, it is imperative that your agency is succinctly defining your utility. This eBook will explore some of the best practices for:

  1. How to demonstrate value to your payers: Identify outcomes and parameters that indicate your agency’s top merit and then frame them in terms the payer can see clearly.
  2. Measuring outcomes: Using tools such as the DLA-20 for illustration purposes of reporting on outcome delta scores.
  3. Discovery-Data-Mining: Show you how to answer questions that you hadn’t even thought to ask.

Adopting an outcome measurement tool gives you the chance to tell your stories of success as you interpret them. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to express the data-driven stories that you choose to communicate!

Download the Solve for the Payer eBook to showcase your agencies value and let payers view their true return on investment!

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