Reports Don't Improve Outcomes!

Do reports really make you better?

All of the technology providers in behavioral health are shouting about the importance of reporting capabilities as the care system shifts toward pay-for-performance.  But do reports really make you better?
They are an essential piece of the behavioral healthcare puzzle, but they are just that, a piece.  They take their rightful place on a larger continuum that represents what it really takes to improve your outcomes.

In his white paper, Reports Don’t Improve Outcomes! Alex Alexander, outlines the Data-to-Wisdom Continuum, and how it can be used in a behavioral health agency to improve outcomes.

He details the dangers of investing in reports without first considering what changes you will make based on what the information tells you.

The report is not the end. It’s a means to the end.

In this paper you will learn:
  1. How to collect data that matters
  2. How to create meaningful information
  3. How to glean insightful knowledge
  4. How to use wisdom to predict outcome improvements

This is a must read for any agency that is looking to create a culture of constant improvement. Understanding the Data-to-Wisdom Continuum is the key for any behavioral health organization that wants to thrive in a pay-for-performance system.

It’s called pay-for-performance, NOT pay-for-reports!
Download the White Paper “Reports Don’t Improve Outcomes!”