How to Maximize Revenue Using Telehealth

A Step-By-Step Guide

Telehealth is gaining traction as a result of COVID-19, and the convenience of this type of service means that it is likely to stick around permanently. Up to 97 percent of patients dislike waiting for in-person appointments, and only 16 percent of patients would prefer visiting the emergency room instead of choosing a telehealth option.

This white paper provides background information on how to successfully – and profitably – implement a telehealth service, or improve the one you’re currently offering. 

Featured In This White Paper:

  • What is Telehealth?
  • How Can a Mental or Behavioral Health Agency Start Providing Telehealth Services?
  • How Does Telehealth Billing Work?
  • COVID-19 Telehealth Grants
  • How to Ensure Maximum Payment for Telehealth Sessions
  • Common Myths and Frequently Asked Questions Surrounding Telehealth Services