Guidance for Medication-Assisted Treatment Providers

During COVID-19

Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT) has been one of the key strategies used to fight the opioid epidemic, and with the arrival of COVID-19, MAT efforts had to be reorganized. Sign up and receive our white paper to learn more about the guidelines put in place for MAT providers and patients, resources to help you stay up to date with the latest developments and solutions TenEleven’s EHR offers to help you continue providing top-notch care.  

Featured in this White Paper 

  • New COVID-19 MAT Guidelines and Changes  
  • Exceptions for COVID-19 Patients  
  • Managing Withdrawal Treatment in the COVID-19 Setting  
  • How MAT Providers Can Continue Safe Operation During the Pandemic  
  • How MAT Patients Can Aid in Receiving Safe Care During the Pandemic 
  • Resources for MAT Providers  
  • MAT After the Pandemic