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See the Return on Investment with Trauma Informed Care Software

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Since we launched the Treatment Wizard™ for Trauma Informed Care at the beginning of February this year, I have talked with countless agencies about their experiences implementing Trauma Informed Care. Once we have finished talking about the challenges associated with getting enterprise-wide consistency for comprehensive trauma assessments, standardizing program referrals based on those assessments, and creating agency-wide access to the clients trauma profile; the discussion inevitably turns to the Treatment Wizard™. You can read more about how the Treatment Wizard addresses these implementation challenges here.

While the Treatment Wizard™ absolutely breaks down barriers to implementation for Trauma Informed Care, there is also a tangible Return on Investment in many areas of your business. Today we are going to look at the ROI for the Treatment Wizard™ in terms of reducing redundant assessments. 

When a client is readmitted to an agency, barriers to communication and easy access to prior case record documentation will often result in a reassessment of that client. In an agency trying to operate with Trauma Informed Care, you are facing the high probability that you will need to reassess the client.

The Treatment Wizard™ maintains the client’s trauma profile after discharge, so even a new clinician can quickly access it to begin treatment right away. Reducing the amount of redundant trauma assessments your agency completes will not only maintain a consistency in the treatment provided, but also free up clinician hours that will boost your overall clinician productivity.

Return on Investment Calculation – Reducing Redundant Trauma Assessments 

The calculation below is reflective of an average outpatient mental health agency, and assumes a clinician cost of $75.00 per hour, a trauma assessment time of 1 hour, an annual readmission rate of 30%, and an average clinician caseload of 90.

ROI Calculation

Cost per redundant assessment$75
Number of redundant assessments per clinician30
Cost of redundant assessments per clinician (30 x $75)        $2,250
Increased productivity without redundant trauma assessments ($2,250 x 100)$225,000
*These numbers reflect the educated assumptions of TenEleven employees, are intended for informational purposes only, and do not reflect a specific agency.

The ROI for this 100 clinician agency is $225,000 per year in increased productivity, based solely on the fact that they won’t duplicate trauma assessments for readmitted clients.

When you are practicing Trauma Informed Care there is so much riding on the initial assessment because it creates the basis for subsequent treatment. In order to stay consistent with your trauma informed practice, you might find your clinicians completing trauma assessments for recurring clients that could easily be avoided through access to prior clinical record documentation.

The Treatment Wizard™ ensures that your client’s trauma profile will remain available to your clinicians regardless of program, discharges, and past services provided. In that way you can get your clinicians engaged immediately with readmitted clients increasing your productivity while staying true to your trauma informed approach.

Contact TenEleven today so an Account Representative can help you determine the potential productivity increase your agency can expect with the Treatment Wizard™ for Trauma Informed Care.

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