A Complete Guide to UB-04 Forms for Mental and Behavioral Health Providers

Currently, 98% of hospital claims for healthcare are submitted electronically using UB-04 forms – but the process of filling them out is still manual for a majority of providers. As with any medical form, there are plenty of nuances, caveats, and complexities involved in UB-04 forms. So, let’s look at what role UB-04 forms play in […]

TenEleven’s New MAT Feature Highlights

Optimizing Your MAT Modality with TenEleven  With TenEleven’s Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Module, you will have the ability to utilize the three-prong approach with access to medical, clinical, and billing information efficiently. We are constantly adapting and creating new modules and functionalities to serve our customers. Below we discuss the Lighthouse Interface and our upcoming Pre-Pour Module.   Lighthouse Software Systems Interface  Lighthouse Software Systems is […]