Who You Gonna Call? Central Intake! 3 Expectations for Intake Calls

Like the Ghostbusters team in the original 1984 movie, your clinic’s central intake office is the first call when a consumer is seeking help. A central intake process is one where clinics have one trained individual answering phones and assessing callers to see what treatment plan works best for them. Callers can be extremely vulnerable […]

Open Access: Opening the Door to a More Efficient Clinic

The best time to start a client in treatment is the moment they are ready.  Open Access strategies reduce the time between when a client is ready and when treatment begins to zero! What it is, and is not When used effectively, Open Access opens the door to a more efficient operating process by increasing […]

70% of U.S. Adults Experience Trauma: How Trauma Informed Care Can Help Them [Infographic]

Trauma affects more individuals than most realize. Bullying, sexual abuse, exposure to poverty, domestic violence, a childhood with an alcoholic parent, and mass violence are some examples of trauma. Some individuals have more intense side effects and take longer to recover from their trauma than others. If this is not considered when the individual is […]

How My Vegan Diet Extended Planful Behavior to My Daily Living

In behavioral health, we talk a lot about the importance of becoming more planful and living life with intention and purpose.  A couple of years ago I made the commitment to eat a vegan diet of foods made without any animal products, and I had no idea how much of an impact it would have […]

Technology as a Second Language: Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks

Like most others, I took English in elementary school. It wasn’t that hard, after all I had been practicing for quite a while. In high school, I tried a little French. Not as easy, but I got through it. In social work school, they were ready to teach me a new language as well. It […]

Trauma Informed Care Influences Service Delivery and Staff Retention

I was first exposed to the notion of Trauma Informed/Trauma Sensitive agency cultures in 2006 by Sandra Bloom, the creator of the Sanctuary Model. Her words and books about the Sanctuary model completely changed the way I looked at mental health programs and the challenge of fighting burnout and staff turnover. Eleven years later, it’s […]

Clinical Director David Godon, LCSWR, joins TenEleven Group

TenEleven is proud to welcome David Gordon to the team as our new Clinical Director.  David comes to TenEleven with over 25 years of experience overseeing clinical operations in the mental health field.  His experience includes supervising programs including: Mental Health Clinic, Day Treatment Program, and Residential Treatment Facility. In addition to his management roles, […]

3 tips for improving your patient collaborative documentation

Of the many best practices flooding into the field of behavioral health, collaborative documentation is an approach which can easily get overlooked by agencies focused on clinical documentation improvement. This is unfortunate as it’s an approach which can lend itself in surprising ways for engagement of clients and effective/efficient recording of service delivery. Since a common place […]

Measure Goals and Objectives With Data-Informed Treatment Planning

The following is an excerpt from the White Paper “The 6-Sigma Clinician.”  The full White Paper can be downloaded here. Measurable Goals and Objectives A few uses of data in clinical practice involve the tracking of diagnoses and symptoms, tracking the status of goals and objectives against target dates, utilization management, and individual client outcomes. Continual […]

Trauma Informed Care is More Than Trauma Focused Treatment

Trauma Informed Care. It’s everywhere. It’s a webinar invite in your inbox. It’s a session track at NATCON. It’s the headline of your industry magazine. But what it is really? It’s more than just practicing a single trauma focused treatment model. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) an agency that […]