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TenEleven’s NEW MAT Features: Lighthouse & Pre-Pour Functionality


Optimizing Your MAT Modality with TenEleven 

With TenEleven’s Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Module, you will have the ability to utilize the three-prong approach with access to medical, clinical, and billing information efficiently. We are constantly adapting and creating new modules and functionalities to serve our customers. And we’re excited to show you what’s new. 

Lighthouse Software Systems Interface 

Lighthouse Software Systems is a resource contracted by state governments. This system houses scheduled data at a national level and gives aid to MAT clinics in times of crisis or other emergencies. Some states, such as New York, are under regulations that require agencies to automatically upload their data into LightHouse, or whichever provider they use. This was a manual process until January of 2020, when LightHouse was able to begin exporting data automatically.  

The TenEleven team stays up to date with current state standards and regulations so that we can proactively provide streamlined services for our customers. This includes working with Lighthouse from the time our MAT module was launched in 2015, even writing one of the first reports for them. While these reporting regulations may not be required in every state currently, we have worked to build out this module so that any customer in any state can utilize it as the need arises. 

Patient Emergency Assistance 

Ia disaster within a participating state leaves some methadone clinics unable to operate, patients that are listed in this database (by participating clinics) can receive their medication from another methadone clinic.  

Central Registry 

LightHouse also offers the Central Registry – the only electronic dual enrollment verification system combined with a disaster assistance module. This service, which is integrated into the LightHouse Systems interface for TenEleven’s EHR, gives agencies and their patients:  

  • Immediate dual enrollment verification
  • Ability to upload projected emergency medication information to our system
  • Emergency notifications to clinics, patients and SOTA
  • Access to their patient portal with real time information about clinic closure status

The Central Registry from LightHouse is a resource used in the fight against medication or doctor shopping, which the CDC refers as “a patient obtaining controlled substances from multiple healthcare practitioners without the prescribers’ knowledge of the other prescriptions.” To avoid this, any patient that sees a physician (that is part of a participating clinic) and receives a prescription for narcotics must have their information entered into the Central Registry Database. This federal database allows other doctors visibility of prescriptions their patients have already requested or filled.

Pre-Pouring for MAT Agencies 

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices defines “pre-pouring” as “Pre-pouring” medications ahead of time for one or more patients to accelerate the drug administration process.” 

The Rules of Engagement 

With pre-poured methadone, it must be disposed of in a proper manner if the patient: 

  • Does not show
  • Does not take the medicine or any dosage of the medicine, for any reason.

“Liquifying” Medications

Medications cannot be re-used or saved for a later time unless the bottle is full. If the pre-poured medication in the possession of the clinic contains bottles that are not full, it must be “liquified” in order to be used – meaning a half-filled bottle cannot be used. Some agencies will fill up the bottle of liquid methadone with water, orange or apple juice to meet the full bottle requirements to be able to use the remaining medicine.  

Medication Destruction 

If the medication cannot be “liquified” it must be destroyed – but there are regulations here too. The medication cannot be disposed of by staff due to concerns over infiltrating public water systems with methadone – which contains chemicals that cannot be broken down by water treatment plants.  

The medication must be moved to “quarantine” status, where it will be collected by designated agencies that are contracted out by the state or federal government to handle the destruction of these medicines.  

State rules will have the final say in the disposal methods, but TenEleven’s module anticipates that. 

TenEleven’s Pre-Pour Module

TenEleven’s Pre-Pour Module for our MAT agency customers is currently in a rigorous testing phase with clients and internal staffWe expect the module to be released for use by our customers sometime during the first quarter of 2021. The TenEleven team is excited to begin offering this new and improved module, which has been modified based on competitor customer feedback and research.  

While pre-pouring can allow for clinics to see more patients, rules on pre-pouring methadone bottles differ by stateand some do not allow this. 

TenEleven has built out this module to accommodate any state or agency: 

How It Works 

  1. The inventory of liquid will be uniquely labeled for each provider.  
  2. The inventory will be shipped from large bottles to smaller bottles with the correct amounts for each patient, including dates and timestamps for the patient visit.  
  3. The medication will still be listed as “in our inventory” until the custom TenEleven screen comes up with a warning pop up screen regarding dispensation  
  4. Once the “dispense” button is pressed, the provider must go into the safe and pull the pre-poured bottles, now marked “expensed”, for the patient.  

How TenEleven’s Pre-Pour Module is Different 

TenEleven saw a need for existing functionalities regarding pre-pouring to be improved upon. Our module offers the following differentiators:  

  • Ability to pre-pour medication on a separate screen and in bulk  
  • Identify bottles that need to be quarantined and destroyed in bulk  
  • Bulk select and insert comments 

Having these capabilities allows nurses, doctors
, and clinicians to quickly and safely deliver medications and services. We would love to discuss our industry-leading integrated MAT module, or how telehealth can help you maximize revenue and create efficiencies within your clinics.   

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