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Overcoming the Myths of Outcomes Management [TCOM Webinar]

TenEleven Group is pleased to sponsor a FREE webinar featuring Dr. John S. Lyons titled Managing the Business of Helping: Overcoming the Myths of Outcomes Management.


Managing the Business of Helping:

Overcoming the Myths of Outcomes Management

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Dr. Lyons has 35 years of experience in the pursuit, approach and implementation of outcomes management. Over the course of these experiences he has learned that many of the ideas about the nature of behavioral health intervention outcomes, though widely seen as truths, are incorrect. These false beliefs are referred to as the “myths of outcomes management.”

In this webinar, Dr. Lyons will provide a brief overview of some of the more common misconceptions surrounding outcomes. He will then present an approach that attempts to build on this learning and transcend some of these myths with the goal to create a more meaningful approach in how to effectively help others. This approach is called Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management (TCOM) and has influenced the creation of the CANS and ANSA assessment tools among others.

 Learning Objectives:

  • Identify at least six common myths of outcomes management
  • Determine why collaboration is the recommended strategy for integrating and managing complex systems
  • Distinguish between the implications of managing a service and managing a transformational offering 

Last year Dr. Lyon’s also spoke about outcomes myths at the TenEleven CONNECT conference.  You can read a reflection piece hereDr. John Lyons and Spike Lee say: “Do the right thing”

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