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Maintain Compliance In Your Fields Through Direct Responses

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The form fields that are selected for each question will determine the quality of a form and the quality of the data you collect in your EHR software. It’s important that you understand each of the different field types to make sure you’re selecting the one that works best for your purposes.

Escape rooms have become increasingly popular for people who want to test their problem-solving skills under pressure. If you’re not familiar with them, those participating are “locked” in a room and must attempt to get out by figuring out a series of clues that all connect to each other.

The yes/no field in a form operates the same way. This field is often the beginning of a branch of questioning – it leads you in a certain direction like the way the clues you find in an escape room lead you to the next. If a user selects “yes” to a question, then they’ll unlock a set of required questions that would have stayed hidden or not required if “no” was selected.

This field helps ensure that the user is focused on the questions that pertain to them and aren’t suffering “form fatigue” from questions that aren’t important. If a user is just selecting multiple “N/A” responses, the form is not effective and could benefit from a yes/no field.

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