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An Overview of Our Recent MAT Module Enhancements


Over the last several months, TenEleven has made numerous enhancements to our Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Module. These updates, including Lighthouse integrations and pre-pour functionality, are guided by pain points communicated to us by our users and are driven by our mission to maintain eCR as an industry-leading solution for substance use recovery providers. Now, we’re excited to share these new features and functionalities with you.

Increased Efficiency with Workflow Enhancements

In another article, we dive into our pre-pour functionality, which allows for increased flexibility in dispensing scheduling for clients who may require it. The pre-pouring module allows a dispensing nurse to fill a patient’s medication before the patient comes in to receive the medication. A user can pre-pour both take-home bottles and the in-clinic dose. 

Medication Dispensing Forms are also included with this set of enhancements that help drive workflows when it comes to documentation and dispensing. This set of forms includes:

  • One-Day Order: This form allows a dispensing nurse to complete a one-time dose change order applied to one day. The form must be completed on the chart. 
  • Medication Schedule version 3, which now allows a clinician to: Indicate the treatment phase the patient is in, identify the time frame the patient can pick their medication, view the order discontinuation date on the schedule, include a signature line for the provider with routing and can allow a user to mark as n/a.
  • Pump Calibration: eCR now records the 10 mL calibration transactions when a user is calibrating the pump. 

A new Medication Dispensing Check-In Screen cuts down on dispensing time. The Medication Dispensing Screen has also been improved allowing users to enter a decimal amount for clients who are receiving tablets; users can also accept payments from this screen if the agency allows payments at the pump.

The enhanced Medication Dispensing Inventory Screen provides a robust search tool to cut down on time finding what’s needed. 

Billing Enhancements 

At TenEleven, we take great pride in the level of integration that occurs within eCR. We strive to make it easier than ever for healthcare agencies to manage their end-to-end process. In many instances, this means finding more creative and dynamic ways to link functions to billing.

Medication Billing Profiles allows a biller to set up billing variations on the program for the payers to match billing processes. Configurations can be set up based on how the charge needs to be created for the payer. This means streamlining the claim process when it comes time to bill clients for their treatment, which means decreased A/R balances and faster payments for you.

A compassionate doctor counselling her patient about medication-assisted treatment.

Quality of Care/Patient Safety

Easy scheduling of randomized drug screenings is now available with eCR’s MAT module. Once set up, the scheduled test appears on the dispensing check-in screen and allows the check-in desk to inform the patient there is a test due. These screenings provide a major source of accountability for patients working through recovery and can help prevent or reduce the possibility of relapse.

Integration with Lighthouse allows for patient data to be sent to a central registry so they can receive emergency MAT care regardless of their location. For a more in-depth look at our Lighthouse Systems interface, check out our feature highlight. Briefly, Lighthouse allows patients to receive medication from a different clinic should they need emergency assistance, say, in the case of a natural disaster.

Their central registry also allows doctors to have increased visibility into the medications their patients have requested or filled, which helps prevent opioids and other controlled substances from entering the secondary market.

Hardware Support

The eCR MAT module now supports a larger array of hardware including:

  • Zebra Label Printer
  • Topaz signature pad T LBK755-BHSB-R which displays the amount to be first dispensed 
  • Topaz signature pad T LBK462-BSB-R which displays the amount to be first dispensed
  • Scilog Methadone Pumps 

Agencies can now also customize their dispensing labels with the Dispensing Label Template Builder. This allows agencies to ensure their labels include all the information they need to stay compliant.

Optimizing Your MAT Modality with eCR

Having these capabilities allows nurses, doctors, and clinicians to quickly and safely deliver medications and services. We would love to discuss our industry-leading integrated MAT module can help you maximize revenue and create efficiencies within your clinics.

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