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The 3 Tenants of Creators and Consumers for Value Based Payments


When you look at a finished report like the one below, it looks like it must have been complicated to create and taken a long time. It’s colorful; it can be filtered to highlight specific information; it shows off multiple parts of your agency.

But creating these reports doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need to utilize the Creator and Consumer relationship in your agency, and you’ll be able to easily create reports like the one above.

Creating these reports can help you identify problem areas in your agency and help you to be more prepared for value-based payments.

What’s the Creator and Consumer relationship?

Every agency has both creators and consumers. When these individuals work together, they’re able to create customized reports for each part of their agency.

Report Creators

Creators are analytically minded workers who are comfortable reading data. This role requires patience and a willingness to consistently revise drafts. A creator must also be proficient in whichever data analytics tool your agency wishes to use.

Report Consumers

Consumers will be found in all areas of your agency because each area has a unique need for data. A consumer must be able to describe their needs to the creator and be willing to collaborate with them to achieve a usable final report.

Following the Tenants for Success

Your creators and consumers must be able to communicate openly and work together to create the final report. If they each follow the 3 Tenants of Creators and Consumers, they’ll have productive work sessions, and be able to create the type of reports your agency needs.

The 3 Tenants of Creators

  1. Thou shall relinquish pride of ownership over reports
Just because you are the report creator doesn’t mean that you need to have all the answers. You may get some of your best ideas from conversations with your consumer. And that’s okay. These conversations can help you to better understand how your consumer thinks, and what type of reports they need.
  1. Thou shall not be afraid to edit reports in front of the consumers
For a more productive work session, make edits to the report you’re creating in front of your consumer. You’ll save time by not needing to take notes based on your conversation, implement them later, and then review the report again with your consumer. Making edits in front of your consumer will also help them to understand what you’re doing and may spark more ideas and conversation.
  1. Thou shall be honest if your limitations are reached and need additional time or resource
If you are stressed or overworked, you won’t be able to create the reports your consumer is expecting. You need to be honest with the consumer you’re working with. They’re relying on you to create the report they need, which you won’t be able to do if you’re overworked, rushing, or lacking information you need. The 3 Tenants of Consumers
  1. Thou shall be patient with the creator, who the consumer should encourage to attempt changes in front of them
You want your report to be done right away, but you need to be patient. It takes time for the creator to build the report so that it’s accurate and it’s what you’re looking for. Encourage the creator to make changes to the report in front of you so you can understand their thought process and see the steps that are needed to create the report you want.
  1. Thou shall recognize the desired report may not be possible with the data available
Data can’t be forced to fit. Your creator may tell you that the report you want can’t be created with the data available. While that’s frustrating, you should trust the creator’s judgement, and collaborate to create a new alternative. If the solution is to collect different data, the creator can help you structure that process.
  1. Thou shall be an active and collaborative participant in the report building process
It’s important to voice your thoughts in your creator and consumer work sessions. To get the report that you want, the creator needs to know what you’re thinking and what you need so they can adapt the report. Don’t neglect to voice an opinion because you don’t think it’s worth it or makes sense – you never know what will spark the conversation that will lead you both to the report you need. Keeping It Simple Things are never as complicated as they first seem – everything can be broken down into simple steps. Building reports are the same way – by simply following the 3 Tenants of Creators and Consumers, you’ll be able to create the reports you need to show off your agency’s successes and to be prepared for value-based-payments.  

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