It Started With a Coffee Maker | My Treatment Goals and Objectives

It all started with a coffee maker.  My desire to trade in my morning stop at the coffee shop for a fresh cup of home brewed coffee opened the door for my treatment progress.  Who knew?  My counselor did. In my mid-twenties I experienced some family trauma that left me in a constant state of […]

TenEleven’s user-friendly EHR will help Child Guidance Center provide the best behavioral healthcare for the families of Jacksonville

September 27, 2018, Buffalo, NY – Child Guidance Center serves the children of Duval County, which includes Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding beaches.  They offer a variety of outpatient, community/clinic, and school services for children from birth to twenty-one years of age. And Child Guidance Center wants to focus on providing that care – which is […]

Conquer Value-Based Payments with Customized Reports in Your Agency

If you put some of the best minds in behavioral health together and asked them what the most important reporting needs are to succeed in value-based payments, many of them would probably agree.  You might even get close to a consensus on some of them. But if you asked each of them to individually draw […]

Edgewater Health selects TenEleven as their EHR partner across behavioral health, primary care, and medication assisted treatment

Buffalo, NY – Edgewater Health seeks to provide care for the whole person to the clients they serve in Gary and Northwest Indiana. After struggling with multiple EHR systems that didn’t fully meet their needs and couldn’t communicate across programs, they knew it was time for a change. Edgewater selected TenEleven Group’s electronic Clinical Record (eCR™) as their […]

What Hockey Injuries Taught Me About Mental Health Treatment

It was the first week of January in 2014, and my men’s league hockey game was coming to its weekly late-night conclusion.  I was chasing a puck into the corner while fighting off a defender with the hope of making one more good hockey play before hanging ‘em up for another week.  After playing serious […]

3 Tips for Maintaining Outcomes Integrity in Behavioral Health

The Behavioral Health field is undergoing a data revolution where electronic capture of daily activity is expected to produce reports that demonstrate, among other things, quality. The initial response to this paradigm shift is to have an electronic health record that can capture data, and produce reporting and analytics capabilities that use the data to demonstrate agency effectiveness. While […]

Tristan’s NATCON Journal | Behavioral Health Insights

NATCON is the biggest event for behavioral health professionals, and is organized by the National Council for Behavioral Health – the unifying voice of America’s mental health and addiction treatment organizations. Conference attendees mingle and learn from one another; attend sessions about issues plaguing behavioral health; participate in documentary screenings; and are inspired by expert […]

Mental Health of the Incarcerated | Beyond the Jail Cell

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the 55th Anniversary Celebration and Dinner for Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME).  After leaving work for the weekend, I took care of a few things at home and made it downtown to the Buffalo Convention Center just in time to meet my wife for HOME’s annual awards celebration.  It […]

Reports Don’t Improve Outcomes | Navigating Outcomes Data & Measures

“If” is a tiny word that has big implications and infinite possibilities. If you run every day, you’ll be able to run a 5K. If you read one book a week, you’ll be smarter. If you nail your work presentation, your boss will be impressed and give you a promotion. And the behavioral health version […]