3 important Behavioral Health Information Technolgoy (BHIT) deadlines

If you are an Adult HCBS provider in New York State and you want to take advantage of EHR incentives offered by the New York State Behavioral Health Information Technology (BHIT) program, there are three very important deadlines approaching that you need to be working towards. Whether you are applying for Full Implementation Service, Partial Implementation […]

Ensure your First Time Claim Acceptance Rate is above 95%

Submitting claims to insurance companies is your agency asking for money – getting the claim accepted is your agency getting paid.  The percentage of claims that are accepted by insurance companies for payment the first time is your First Time Claim Acceptance Rate. It is important that behavioral healthcare agencies measure and monitor the percentage of […]

TenEleven is an HCBS Qualified Vendor via the NYS BHIT Program

TenEleven is an HCBS Qualified Vendor! We are pleased to announce that we have heard from the BHIT HCBS Program that electronic Clinical Record (eCR™) has been placed on their list of Approved Vendors for HCBS! In order to give Adult Behavioral Health HCBS providers the opportunity find a new EHR solution they have arranged a series […]

Preparing for HCBS Approved Vendor: Root Causes Over Quick Fixes

For TenEleven, updating electronic Clinical Record (eCR™) for the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) roll-out has been about understanding root causes, not about applying quick fix upgrades.  We are not just simply converting a list of requirements into software changes, but rather, we have taken the time to truly understand what the true operational […]

TenEleven on the BHIT Pre-Qualified Vendor List for HCBS Providers

As the behavioral healthcare industry transitions to managed care, New York State has provided funding resources through the Behavioral Health Information Technology (BH-IT) grant to assist providers who have been approved to offer Home and Community Based Services (HCBS). In order for agencies providing Home and Community Based Services to participate in the transition to managed care […]