How do I fix late progress notes? | Progress Note Float

We’ve all been late before – and inevitably caused more problems by rushing and forgetting things and becoming even later. It’s times like that when I truly identify with the Mad Hatter rabbit from Alice in Wonderland who ran around the forest singing, “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date. No time to […]

Treatment Plan Management | 5 Steps for Successful Treatment Planning

The administrative burden placed on Behavioral Health agencies that accept Medicaid or commercial insurance payments is substantial.  You are being asked to document everything, and it can seem overwhelming and cumbersome.  But the penalties for missing your Treatment Planning requirements are real, and they’re harsh. First, consider how a Medicaid audit works.  Medicaid comes to audit a […]

5 Steps to Manage Waste | Measure Appointments Against Progress Notes

Your outpatient agency works hard.  You work hard to promote your services to the community.  You work hard to convince those who need help to seek it out.  You work hard to break down the stigmas so that those who need mental health or substance abuse treatment will call you, and more importantly, continue to […]