4 Priceless Practice Management Functionalities for Inpatient Behavioral Healthcare

As a larger behavioral health organization providing residential or inpatient services, you rely heavily on the technology in your practice management tool belt. Reducing administrative workload while increasing visibility in reporting, revenue generation, and workflow clarity are essential, without them, your agency runs the risk of collapsing into chaos.   So, you likely already work with an EHR to […]

6 Benefits of a Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Software Module

The need for Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) software is stronger than ever after the COVID pandemic. 

Since the emergence of COVID-19, treating patients struggling with alcohol and opioid addiction has become more difficult. Between appointment-related obstacles and a surge in substance abuse disorders during the pandemic, healthcare professionals face a growing number of challenges. From maintaining clinical records to tracking methadone inventory, to processing claims, the goal of delivering a “whole […]