8 Common Insurance Billing Mistakes Substance Abuse Agencies Need to Know

Insurance billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) are among the top issues affecting a behavioral health agency’s profitability. Collecting payment for behavioral health treatment can be complicated, influencing the agency’s revenue. Insurance claim denials prevail, making it a challenge for the clinic to collect due payment.  Dealing with claim denials and rejections is time-consuming and often complicated. To prevent problems with insurance companies, it’s imperative to avoid […]

Why Credit Card Processing for Healthcare Providers is Pivotal to Your Cashflow

Convenience is king when considering payment methods for patients. Not only is it a convenient payment option for your clients, it can keep your practice and accounts receivable running smoothly.  As a behavioral healthcare provider, you need to be properly compensated for your services in order to cover expenses and continue treating patients. Worry about the unknowns of collections and prompt payments shouldn’t hold you back from maximizing your […]