A Complete Guide to UB-04 Forms for Mental and Behavioral Health Providers

Currently, 98% of hospital claims for healthcare are submitted electronically using UB-04 forms – but the process of filling them out is still manual for a majority of providers. As with any medical form, there are plenty of nuances, caveats, and complexities involved in UB-04 forms. So, let’s look at what role UB-04 forms play in […]

A Complete Guide to DLA-20: Mental Health Outcomes Measurement

A Complete Guide to DLA-20: Mental Health Outcomes Measurement In providing treatment for mental health, clinicians often need to communicate with their clients to determine their progress. However, without a reliable tool for measuring progress, it can be challenging to monitor progress or lack thereof. What’s more, the patient may perform well in certain aspects of […]

TenEleven Awarded Contract for Greenwich House to Implement Electronic Clinical Record (eCR ™) with Medication Assisted Treatment

TenEleven Group LLC, a leading mental and behavioral health electronic health records (EHR) company, announced a new agreement with Greenwich House to implement their electronic Clinical Record (eCR ™) with Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT).   Greenwich House has been a staple in the Metro New York City area for decades. From having an active part in the community response to the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic and now during the COVID-19 pandemic, they continue to help their […]