Who You Gonna Call? Central Intake! 3 Expectations for Intake Calls

Like the Ghostbusters team in the original 1984 movie, your clinic’s central intake office is the first call when a consumer is seeking help. A central intake process is one where clinics have one trained individual answering phones and assessing callers to see what treatment plan works best for them. Callers can be extremely vulnerable […]

Open Access: Opening the Door to a More Efficient Clinic

The best time to start a client in treatment is the moment they are ready.  Open Access strategies reduce the time between when a client is ready and when treatment begins to zero! What it is, and is not When used effectively, Open Access opens the door to a more efficient operating process by increasing […]

70% of U.S. Adults Experience Trauma: How Trauma Informed Care Can Help Them [Infographic]

Trauma affects more individuals than most realize. Bullying, sexual abuse, exposure to poverty, domestic violence, a childhood with an alcoholic parent, and mass violence are some examples of trauma. Some individuals have more intense side effects and take longer to recover from their trauma than others. If this is not considered when the individual is […]